Best Home Points Difference: 24-08-2012 Australia (Victorian Premier League) Bentleigh Greens v Heidelberg United

Bentleigh Greens
Currently Bentleigh Greens sit 21 points ahead of Heidelberg United in the Victorian Premier League.

In the last 6 home league matches, Bentleigh Greens have won 4 matches, drawn 0 and lost 2. Overall this season in the league they have won 9 matches, drawn 4 and lost 6 matches

Heidelberg United
In the last 6 away league matches, Heidelberg United have lost 4, drawn 1 and won 1. Overall this season in the league they have lost 13, drawn 4 and won 2 matches

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Best home points difference statistics are calculated by reviewing all divisions in Australasia, analysing each forthcoming match by comparing the home teams points total against the away teams points total then selecting the matches with the biggest points difference.